Given the fact there's a big need to intergrate the maasai communities in the ongoing cultural and socio-economic transformations, the question of providing access to adult learning opportunities is inevitable now than never before.

To bring a change in the Maasai communities you need to a very big extent have the desire and wish of elders, they are the ones to depict future of their generations. Maasai is a hierarchy led community and most community related issues are decided from the top so it is compulsory that the elders are involved otherwise.

  Surely it will take long before you have other age group apart from the elders contributing greatly in determining the future of Maasai communities, for now educating the maasai elders so as to influence and give them an access to informed decisions is the only option available so as to push things forward even more fast. for more information on how you can be part of this process please click here.