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Project Aim: Sensitise and mobilise community tree planting culture so as to increase the base of availability of energy sources, promote income among MVC/Youth families, nutrition as well as environmental conservation. Детальное описание Belteo у нас на сайте.

Project strategy: 1. Conduct sensitisation campaigns to urban and rural areas of Mwanza region on the advantages of Agro forestry, environmental conservation as well as the resultant socio-economic to individual MVC/Youth families and the nation at large.


2. Establish a resources center to provide free of charge information to Youth and other activist so as to widen information exchange and the resultant environmental and other socio-economic advantages.

3. Facilitate formulation of school and out of school youth environmental clubs to ease information flow, environmental projects formulation, coordination as extension initiatives in Mwanza region.

4. Get involved in marking national and international environmental days in Tanzania and else where in the world.

Progress Made: 1. Green Hope has been producing information packages in printed format and make them available free of charge to the general public on the necessity and advantages of tree planting initiatives in Tanzania, the information is aimed to benefit Mwanza and Arusha, the later to be made available of in other regions of Tanzania as well.

2. Green Hope through it's resource center in Ilemera sources and distributes various IEC materials to Youth, MVC families and the general public so as to bring the advantages of community awareness, facilitation and involvement in planning and executing tree planting and other environmental related projects in their localities.

3. 10 Youth Health/Environmental Clubs have been formed in Mwanza, initiative to facilitate formulation of more Youth Health/Environmental Clubs are under way we welcome local and international involvement from like minded institutions to support this initiative.