Access to safe and clean water is a necessity to every human being on this earth, denial for the same not only dishonor someone's respect as a human being but also provides a major stumbling block towards his/her socio-economic development, water borne diseases, communicable diseases as well as increased domestic violence. Social violence is very apparent in areas where there's scarcity of water. digital marketing agency.

Project Aim: Facilitate availability of clean and safe water to MVC families and those considered most vulnerable families in our pilot project areas.


Project strategy: 1. Link with like minded partners who are interested to support installation of rain harvest infrastructures in identified beneficiary households.

2. Link with technological institutes to support rain harvest technologies to identified beneficiary families.

3. Link with volunteer organisations to assist with resources mobilisation as well as availability of necessary manpower for the execution of rain harvest projects in our target beneficiary groups.

Progress Made: 1. Establish rain harvest projects to 10 MVC families.

2. Identify other 115 qualifying MVC families in dire need of clean and safe water through rain harvest technologies.

Complimentary to this Green Hope invites bore hole drilling projects to supplement this initiative especially for MVC in orphanages and those located in rural areas.