Project Aim: Provide clean and safe water to MVC in Mwanza region.

Project strategy: 1. Assess qualifying MVC families with no access to clean and safe water and have their information readily available in our database.

2. Identify and lobby with borehole drilling companies to have a subsidised special tariffs for MVC related borehole drilling projects.


3. Identify, lobby and work with local and international like minded institutions, individuals/firms to support borehole drilling projects for family support MVC, institutional supported MVC and other special circumstance MVC in Mwanza region.

Progress Made: 1. 78 MVC families have been identified to be in dire need of a borehole project, information available in our database.

2. 3 Borehole drilling companies have been identified for a special MVC subsidised borehole drilling rates.

3. 3 boreholes have been put in place under this special arrangement.

4. Ongoing initiatives to link with local and international like minded allies are being executed worldwide.