Project Aim: Provide primary MVC health care to home-based and center located MVC in all our pilot project areas in Tanzania the later to be replicated in other parts of Tanzania.

Project Strategy: 1. Work with care provider to link MVC under their care to this potential arrangement. 2. work with local government authorities to facilitate the process of MVC identification and link them to this programme. 3 Work with local and international allies to facilitate implementation of MVC health insurance system project.


Progress Made: 1. Green Hope works with International (Canada) to facilitate Youth and MVC Healthcare clinics in our pilot project areas, clinics that will facilitate undertaking of MVC health insurance systems.

2. A clinics has been established in Arusha process are under way to establish an MVC/Youth Health Center in Mwanza.

3. MVC Care Providers are being identified, the later are being linked to our Youth/MVC Health Care Centers so as to benefit from the being established MVC Health Insurance Systems.

5. Green Hope is undertaking a consultation process with local and international allies who are interested in facilitating this process, to date International (Canada) is the main partner in this project.