Green Hope Org was formed by various motivated Tanzanians who share a common vision to identify, promote and protect the lives of marginalised youth and vulnerable children in urban and rular Tanzanian communities.
  The Founder Trustees of Green Hope Org comes from varying professional backgrounds, cultural diversity, religious ethics as well as economic status but most of them come from low income families who had faced the agony and disgrace of poverty, human rights violations, gender inequality as well as success through hard work and linkage first end. 
  1. Empower local communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS, drug and substance abuse and the adverse cultural and socio-economic impacts.  
  2. Provide Care and Support for HIV/AIDS Orphans and others considered most vulnerable.  
  3. Improve Youth and Women Income Security through formulation of Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOS), promotion of Income Generating Activities, access to credit facilities as well as market opportunities.  

4. Empower local community in the area of Science and Information Technology, environmental management as well as promotion of sense of nationality among Tanzanian youngsters. chatiw app web chat app.

  5. Empower local communities through grassroot civil societies in the areas of project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation through civil society organisations (CSO) capacity building.          
  Green Hope was officially registered under The Ministry of Home Affairs Vide Registration number S.O 11027 way back in the year 2001, to date the organisation runs three major programmes in the cities of Mwanza and Arusha, all the intergrated programmes are aimed at achieving the above mentioned objectives with maximum local community involvement, please click here to find out more.