Green Hope is a registered Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organisation working to promote Sound Socio-economic development for youth, women and children in Tanzania, Green Hope is an equal opportunity and has neither religious nor political affiliations in rendering its services. Green Hope is registered under The Ministry of Home Affairs Vide Reg. Number S.O 11027.

The entinty is operational countrywide and has its main pilot programmes in the Regions of Arusha and Mwanza.

  In achieving the above stated objectives, Green Hope consolidates both local and international initiatives that are focused on empowering local communities to identify as well as equitably ensure maximum utilization of limited available resources in a more sustainable way possible so as to bring about anticipated cultural as well as socio-economic development. Of a number of local as well as international allies to help realise a more hopeful and greener Tanzania includes Tanzania Drug Commision, NTEAP, SaskTel and Plan International please click here to find our more>>.