“All children have physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs which must be met if they are to enjoy life, develop their full potential and develop into participating, contributing adults. If any one of these basic needs remains unmet – or inadequately met – then development may become stunted or distorted” (Pringle, 1980)


GH - Most Vulnerable Children Empowerment (MOVE)-Strategy in Arusha Is a multifaceted programme aimed to reduce the adverse effects of HIV/AIDS, poverty, exploitation and abuse of orphans and children identified as most vulnerable by scaling up multisectoral, multi-partner coordinated approach to realizing the rights of the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children found in the programme area and elsewhere in Tanzania. To implement Arusha MOVE Strategy 8 main components are on board:

  1. Community Sensitisation and promotion of multisectoral response on care and support for MVC.
  2. MVC's household Income Security Project.
  3. MVC household care and support.
  4. MVC education support.
  5. MVC protection and legal support.
  6. MVC Psycho-social support.
  7. MVC Health Insurance System.
  8. MVC Care Providers Information sharing, networking and linkage.

We work with International (Canada), Regional Social Welfare Department (Arusha), MVC families and other like minded partners in implementing the above mentioned projects.

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