Malaria Free Tanzania is a GH programme that is aimed at reducing infant mortality for under five (U-5) children as well as related morbidity among pregnant women through enabling low income families access the needed skills, knowledge and resources to prevent themselves against malaria and the aftermath. the programme aims at combating Malaria from bleeding sites, transmission as well as proper handling and care for a Malaria struck patient at grassroots level


This programme is being implemented through the following three (3) main components:

  1. Community awareness and sensitisation campaign on malaria.
  2. Prevention of Malaria for the Under Five (U-5) Children.
  3. Promotion of the use of Treated Mosquito Nets to the general public.
  4. Awareness campaign over the use of Artmethinin Lumefantrine (ALU).
  We work with local government authorities at ward level in implementing the above mentioned projects.
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