Project Aim: To assist MVC families build capacities to provide MVC with basic household care the main focus being availability of adequate (water& wind tight) shelter, food, nutrition, clothing, bedding as well as hygiene materials and supplies.

Project Strategy: 1. Provide Income Generating Activity capacity building training to MVC families so as to enable them run their income generating activities.


2. Provide access to seed fund and other business consultancy services to MVC families so as to reinforce their capacity to manage their businesses, growth, savings and re-investment initiatives.

Progress Made: 1. Business planning, management, savings and credit training to MVC families is being undertaken, successful candidates are being provided with seed funds to enable running of their businesses, monitoring and technical backup services are being provided free of charge to beneficiary MVC families.

2. Ongoing consultations with local and international like minded partners so as to facilitate the following:

  1. Availability of seed fund for MVC families the later to enable them run different Income Generating Activities (IGAs). IGAs being run by MVC families will enable them provide basic MVC needs. This will not only increase the level of ownership but sustainability of the project as well.
  2. Mobilisation of funds to strengthen our Training department to be able to provide more training in different aspects to MVC families the later to enhance MVC families capacity to deliver quality and effective services to MVC under their care.