Given the need for ICT skilled personnel under the prevailing 21 century globalised economy and the fact that most of target youth groups are from low income/dilapidated families it has come to be apparent that Green Hope should intervene so as rescue this vulnerable group in our society..

Project Aim: provide youth with affordable access to knowledge, information, technology, market, interaction, expression of views as well as networking through in schools and out of school Youth Telecenters.


Project Strategy: 1. establish in school telecenters (School Net solutions) as well as out of school Youth Telecenters to enable affordable access to ICT equipment and services. 2. Link with both local and international like minded institutions to facilitate implementation of Youth Telecenters Project.

Progress Made: 1. Green Hope is in contact with World Computer Exchange to enable availability of cheap refurbished computers from USA for the establishment of Youth Telecenters.

2. Green Hope have developed user manuals to enable:

  • Smooth undertaking of basic computer training in school and out of school Youth Telecenters.
  • Advanced training on computer applications, software and hardware support services.

3. Green Hope is seeking local and international like minded partners to facilitate availability of affordable computers for youth telecenters in Arusha and Manyara regions.