Community sensitisation and mobilisation towards youth socio-economic empowerment in Arusha is of vital importance now than ever before, youth being the energetic and socio-economic engine of our country we need therefore whatever it takes to equip them with necessary skills, knowledge and tools necessary for a competent and knowledge based economy.

Project Aim: To sensitize and facilitate a more enhanced community based multisectoral response on youth empowerment strategy as an appropriate mechanism to prevent and support youth against HIV/AIDS


Project Strategy: work with local government structures in promoting community based youth empowerment strategies at ward, district and regional level networking like minded partners and empowering ward development committees to spearhead the initiatives.

Progress made: through its Njiro programme office Green Hope is working with Themi mashariki ward and Arusha district in spearheading a pilot community based multisectoral response on youth empowerment strategy the later to be replicated in other wards and districts of Arusha region.

Project Partners: Themi Mashariki ward, Arusha District & Green Hope Org.