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Agreement and Release


THIS AGREEMENT AND RELEASE is between __________________________________________________


              and                                                        GreenHope Volunteers Programme (“GVP ”). 


This Agreement and Release is entered into in connection with a program offered by GVP, under which GVP provides the opportunity for Participants to participate in providing humanitarian and educational assistance primarily in locations outside of the United States, Canada, UK e.t.c. Participant enters into this Agreement and Release in consideration of participation in a GVP program and for other good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which the parties acknowledge. To indicate agreement with the stated policies, initial at the bottom of each page with a full signature on the final page of this document.

Note: Participant and, if Participant has not yet reached the age of 18 years, his or her parents or

guardian, should not sign this Agreement and Release until Participant and, if applicable, his or her

parents or guardian, have read it carefully and understand its contents. This document is a legally

binding release, which, in certain situations, will reduce or eliminate the legal rights and legal recourse of

Participant and his or her parents or guardian.

If Participant is younger than 18 years of age, this Agreement and Release must be signed by the parents or legal guardian of Participant, and, in such case, all references below to Participant include his or her parents or



1. Payment Policy

Participant has agreed to pay the applicable program fee in consideration of GVP providing the opportunity for

Participant to participate in providing humanitarian and educational assistance, and in consideration of GVP

providing accommodations and other services for Participant as set forth below. A $250 non-refundable deposit,

payable by check or credit card, is due at the time of enrollment. The remainder of the program fee and the

completed registration forms, including this Agreement and Release, are due 60 days prior to the date that

Participant is scheduled to arrive at the location designated by GVP as the start location (the “scheduled arrival

date”). Registration forms received less than 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival date will be accepted only

upon review and subsequent approval of GVP.


2. Cancellation and Refund.

GVP reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject an individual at any time prior to departure, or to cancel the GVP program in which Participant is scheduled to participate. In the unlikely event of such a cancellation, or if Participant has been rejected, the total amount paid to GVP will be refunded. Other than such refund, GVP will not be responsible to Participant for any other refund, costs, interest, liability or damages of any kind.

If Participant cancels for any reason, Participant must notify GVP in writing. The cancellation will be effective

upon receipt of the writing by GVP in its offices in Arusha, Tanzania. GVP incurs substantial

administrative and planning costs prior to the departure of Participant. Therefore, regrettably, if Participant

cancels his or her participation in the GVP program, funds paid by Participant to GVP can be refunded only as set forth below. The $250 non-refundable deposit will not be refunded. Participant, however, may apply the $250

deposit to another GVP program to be scheduled within 12 months of the scheduled arrival date, subject to space availability. If the cancellation is effective more than 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, the program fee paid, less the deposit, will be refunded. If the cancellation is effective between 60 and 31 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, Participant will be charged 50% of the program fee and the balance, less the deposit, will be refunded. If the cancellation is effective within 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, Participant will be charged 75% of the program fee and the balance, less the deposit, will be refunded. No portion of the program fee is refundable if the cancellation is received on or after the scheduled arrival date. Furthermore, no refunds will be made for unused portions of the program or because of Participant’s failure or inability to participate in the GVP program.


As pointed out below, Participant is responsible for transportation to Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport. Participant is solely responsible for any airfare or other travel fees, charges, expenses or penalties, that might result from any

cancellation of or change in Participant’s program, whether Participant cancels the program or it is cancelled or

altered by GVP.


It is very important that Participant understands the cancellation policy. If it is not clear, Participant

should ask for clarification. GVP cannot make exceptions to this cancellation policy for any reason,

including medical emergencies. GVP strongly urges Participant to purchase trip cancellation insurance.


3. Donations Restricted to Benefit Participant.

At times, organizations or individuals make donations to GVP for the express purpose of paying some or all of the costs of a Participant’s program. Any such restricted donations made towards program fees are non-refundable.

If Participant does not participate in the program for any reason, unused restricted donations, if any, will be

deposited in the scholarship fund for the benefit of subsequent Participants.


4. Participant’s Responsibility for Costs, Third Party Suppliers.

The program fee covers all food, lodging, in-country ground transportation, administrative expenses, and program

costs, as described in more detail in the program literature for Participant’s program, except that Participant is

responsible for 1) travel to and from the start location, 2) any additional costs incurred during free-time, personal

time or on activities which are outside Participant’s program, and 3) any costs incurred should Participant choose

to remain past the time scheduled for Participant’s program.

During Participant’s program, GVP may arrange with third parties for goods or services for Participant and, if such goods and services are covered by the program fee as set forth above, GVP will pay for such goods and services. Otherwise, the goods and services will be the responsibility of Participant. GVP, however, is not responsible for the acts or failures of anyone who provides goods and services in connection with Participant’s participation in a GVP program, and GVP is not responsible for any costs or loss that Participant may incur because of delays or losses caused by any airline, other transportation or car rental company, travel agent, hotel, restaurant, medical facility or other companies providing goods and services, regardless of who arranged or paid for such goods and services. In addition, GVP is not responsible for any costs or loss that Participant may incur because of any act or failure to act by any governmental entity, including any delay or change of travel plans caused by any action by any governmental entity.

GVP will arrange for the Participant to reside at “Green Hope” Hostel with other volunteers.  The facility has electricity, running water, 24-hour Guard, Internet facilities, and a cook who will provide breakfast and dinner.  



5. Acknowledgment and Release.

Under the program, Participant will participate in activities that may be outside of the United States, Canada, UK e.t.c. Often, the locations of GVP programs are in Tanzania (a developing country) and the conditions may be

difficult. Participant may be called upon to exercise extra care for his or her own person and belongings. Participant has informed himself or herself of Tanzania where Participant will be during GVP program, has consulted with appropriate medical personnel, and has determined that his or her health is adequate to participate safely in Participant’s program.

Participant understands that GVP is a charitable organization and recognizes that participation in the program is

voluntary. Participant recognizes that there are inherent risks that Participant must assume when he or she

participates in a program that provides the opportunity to participate in providing humanitarian and educational

assistance. Participant recognizes that GVP does not assume any responsibility for injury, sickness, personal health, or death, or loss or damage to property while Participant is participating in a GVP program. Participant acknowledges that in the course of Participant’s participation in a GVP program, including travel to, from and during the program, Participant may encounter difficult conditions and may be subjected to hazards and risks, foreseen and unforeseen.

These hazards and risks may be caused or alleged to be caused by a variety of difficulties of travel or residing in

locations away from Participant’s residence, or by individuals either affiliated with or not affiliated with GVP.





By signing below, Participant agrees that he or she has read and understands that Participant’s

participation in a GVP program involves hazards and risks, foreseen and unforeseen, and that Participant is prepared to accept those risks. Accordingly, Participant hereby releases GVP (including all of its personnel, agents, affiliates, staff and directors) from any and all liabilities for claims of any type or description, including those with respect to any injury or losses, including personal injury, sickness,

disease, or death or damage to person or property. This release does not apply to liabilities arising from

gross negligence or wanton or reckless conduct by GVP or its representatives. Apart from that

exception, this release applies to any and all liability for claims, of any type or description, whether

arising from ordinary negligence or otherwise, and whether involving fees, expenses, or damages of any

kind, of Participant or the estate of Participant. In the event that some other person or entity seeks

compensation for claims as to which Participant has released GVP from liability by executing this

Agreement and Release, Participant or his or her estate will indemnify and hold harmless GVP for all

sums reasonably incurred in response to such claims.


6. Not an Employee of GVP.

Participant acknowledges that he or she is not an employee of GVP and waives all claims and rights that

Participant might otherwise have as an employee of GVP.


7. Compliance with Rules and Local Laws and Leaving the Local Community upon Request.

Participant will be the guest of the local community and GVP. Participant agrees to follow all applicable rules,

policies and guidelines of GVP, and any organization that is conducting activities in which Participant is

participating, and to abide by the laws and regulations of Tanzania and of the country of which He/She comes from, and to behave in a manner that is appropriate in the local community.

If Participant does not comply, at all times, with all laws and regulations and all rules, policies, and guidelines,

referred to above, or does not act appropriately, or the local personnel of GVP become concerned that, as a result of Participant’s physical health or mental condition, it may not be in the best interest of Participant to continue to participate in the GVP program, GVP, in its sole discretion, has the authority to require Participant to leave the local community or country immediately. GVP personnel have Participant’s permission to discuss Participant’s situation, including Participant’s health, physical or mental condition, with any person, including any family member, medical personnel, school official, counselor, or other person, and to release any information concerning Participant to such person, whom GVP, in it sole discretion, believes would be advantageous or helpful to deal with any concerns that GVP personnel may have and/or to determine whether Participant should remain in the local country or community. If Participant is required to leave the local community and country, GVP will provide transport to the appropriate airport or other means for departure. There will be no refund of the program fee, however, and Participant will be responsible for all costs incurred as a result of being required to leave the local country and community.


8. Medical Insurance and Emergency Treatment.

GVP will provide travel health insurance to Participant if the Participant deems necessary.  Please review options below and select the option which best fits your needs


o         Already Insured. Participant will show program proper documentation upon arrival.


o         Comprehensive Health Insurance - $334 Silver Class (to be covered for one year by AAR) Policy Details Participant has reviewed information concerning the

medical insurance provided by GVP and acknowledges that such insurance is adequate and reasonable, and that all information that Participant has supplied concerning such insurance or Participant’s health is accurate. If Participant believes that Participant needs additional or supplemental insurance, Participant will make arrangements for such insurance.





Should any medical emergency arise which precludes Participant’s ability to consent to emergency treatment

when such authorization is required, GVP will endeavor to communicate with the person previously designated by Participant (Emergency Contact) to request permission for any necessary treatment.. Participant agrees not to hold GVP responsible for actions relating to any such medical or emergency treatment.


9. Use of Participant’s Likeness.

Participant acknowledges and agrees that in the course of Participant's participation in the GVP program and after the completion of the program, GVP may record Participant's likeness or comments. Participant consents to the use of Participant’s likeness (whether photographed, filmed or videotaped, including, without limitation, portions of a film or videotape) and comments or any portion of such in any manner developed now or in the future, including, without limitation, fundraising and promotional materials, advertising for television, radio, print or other media, and any other GVP presentations. Participant agrees that, in connection with such use, GVP, and persons acting for or on behalf of GVP, may identify Participant and may identify Participant's name, age, city and state/territory/other district or country of residence. Participant releases, indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless GVP, and persons acting for or on behalf of GVP, from any liability for acts authorized under this section of this Agreement and Release.


10. Governing Laws and Arbitration.

This Agreement and Release shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive law

of The United Republic of Tanzania, applicable to agreements made and to be performed wholly therein,

without regard to its provisions or rules concerning choice of laws or conflicts of laws. Any controversy

or claim between the parties to this Agreement shall be resolved in arbitration in accordance with the

Arbitration Rules of the Tanzanian High Court, and the place of arbitration shall be in Tanzania. The arbitrator shall apply the substantive law of The United Republic of Tanzania, as set forth above, and any award rendered shall be final and conclusive upon the parties and a judgment thereon may be entered in any court, having jurisdiction. The expenses of the arbitration shall be borne equally by the parties to the arbitration, provided that each party shall pay for and bear the cost of its own experts, evidence and counsel fees, except that in the discretion of the arbitrator, any award may include the cost of a party's counsel if the arbitrator expressly determines that the party against whom such award is entered has caused the dispute, controversy or claim to be submitted to arbitration as a dilatory tactic.




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For Participants under age 18, parents or legal guardian must also sign below:


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