Is Green Hope a registered institution?
What range of issues does Green Hope cover?.
Where are GH offices located?.
Who are the strategic allies of Green Hope Organisation?
Who are the main funders of Green Hope Organisation?.
How can I be part of the Process?.
  Green Hope registration status:
  Green Hope is a registered Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organisation working to promote Sound Socio-economic development for youth, women and children in Tanzania, Green Hope is an equal opportunity and has neither religious nor political affiliations in rendering its services. Green Hope is registered under The Ministry of Home Affairs Vide Reg. Number S.O 11027.
Green Hope Main focus:
  We focus on local community empowerment in combating HIV/AIDS, poverty, ignorance and diseases by provision of improved acces to information, training, resources, networking and linkages where as our main target groups are women, youth and children found elsewhere in our pilot project areas (Arusha, Mwanza, Manyara and Mara)
  Green Hope Offices.
  Green Hope has its coordination offices in Arusha and Mwanza regions, the Arusha offices are for coordination of the Northern Zone Programmes and those in Mwanza are for Lake zone programmes coordination, process are under way to have liason offices in Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Newzealand and Australia.
  Green Hope main strategic allies.
  The following are our main allies: SaskTel International (Canada), Plan International (Tanzania), NTEAP (Tanzania), Department of Social Welfare (Arusha and Mwanza), Tanzania Drugs Commission, Faith based organisations (Arusha and Mwanza), Community Based Organisations (Arusha and Mwanza), NGOs network organisations (Arusha and Mwanza) other local Non-Governmental Organisations.
  Green Hope main donors:

Following are our main donors:

  1. Plant International (Tanzania).
  2. NTEAP (Tanzania).
  3. SaskTel International (Canada)
  How can I be part of the process?
  You may be part of the process through several ways, please click here to find out how>>